2010 Wine & Art Fundraiser

Saturday, July 24
Wine & Art Fundraiser

The Dallas Nine & Their Circle:
Texas Art of the 1930s

This show will feature paintings from a small group of influential Texas artists who rejected European tradition and instead sought a new style of art intended to capture the realities of everyday life in the southwest during the Great Depression. Rarely seen paintings from private collections in the show will include art from Jerry Bywaters, Alexandre Hogue, Everett Spruce and Otis Dozier. George Palmer, Director of the Texas Art Collectors Association is curating the show. It is believed that this is the first show dedicated strictly to the Dallas Nine and their circle since a major retrospective was held at the Dallas Museum of Art in 1985.

In the pre-event presentation, Dr. Sam Ratcliffe will speak about the Dallas Nine and their impact on Texas art. Dr. Ratcliff is the head of the Bywaters Special Collection Wing of the Harmon Arts Library at SMU.