Thursday, June 22, The Annual OCSFA Membership Dinner, and election of new board members was a very special and exciting evening. Several members of the Blake family attended and were thrilled being in their home once again. The family patriarch, J. P Blake, built the house in 1912. Visiting were:

Jessica Erin Slack Nester (grgrgranddaughter of J P and Dora Blake) (grgranddaughter of Lucile Blake Stroud) (granddaughter of Jane Stroud Ford) (daughter of Jane Ford Slack) and husband Lee Nester

Jane Blake Ford Slack (grgranddaughter of John Philip Blake and Dora Lee Brechbill Blake) (granddaughter of Lucile Minnie Blake Stroud) (daughter of Jane Lee Stroud Ford) and husband James Slack.

Leslie White Ingle (grgranddaughter of J P and Dora Blake) (granddaughter of J P Blake, Jr.) (daughter of Betty Blake White Rickenbacher.)

Sally Wellborn Ford Kelley and Mary Blake Ford (sisters of Jane Ford Slack.)

Ted Rickenbacher, husband of Betty Blake White Rickenbacher (sister of Jane Ford Slack)

Following a trumpet salute, a champagne toast honored the Blake family for their support and interest in maintaining the integrity of the house.

Chris Barker and Lee Ruiz were the masterminds behind the Cuban theme for the dinner.  The main room was a riot of Cuban décor which included a dance floor. Lisa Peters and Caliber Home Loans sponsored Salsa Dancing instructions following dinner. Scott Chase provided Mojito rum punch consisting of rum, agave syrup and mint.

The new board members elected that evening are:  Paula Mele, Justo Blanco, Tim Sliter and Petrine Abrahams.

Many thanks again to the Blake family.  We look forward to their visiting again.