What is the occupancy of Turner House?
We can accommodate up to 125 people for 1st floor rental. We can also structure a rental configuration to meet your specific needs.

Is Turner House furnished? Are tables and chairs provided?
Yes, the house is furnished and nicely appointed. Tables and chairs are provided for inside events only.

Is there a kitchen or similar type room for catering to be stationed?
Yes, we have a full kitchen on the first floor with a stove, refrigerator, 2 dishwashers, door to outside for loading/unloading, a double sink, 1 microwave, and lots of counter space.

Is there ample parking?
Yes, we have an on-site parking lot which will accommodate 40-60 cars and street parking around the house on 8th or Rosemont. We also have a great Porte Cochere on the north side of the house that can be used for valet parking.

Is there accessibility for a sound system?
Yes, we have a small stage in the large Winnetka Heights Salon which has electrical outlets and can accommodate your PA system.

What is the price?
2013 Rates are:
$275.00 per hour with a 5 hour minimum
$325 per hour after 10:00 P.M.

&500 security deposit plus 1/2 rental fee is due upon signing
$250 dance floor rental is required for weddings
Please contact us for rates and availability.

Do you offer discounts to non-profit organizations?
Yes, we offer special rates for non-profits.

May I use my own caterer?
Yes, you may use your caterer.

May I serve alcohol?
Yes, but you may not sell it.

Do you have a piano that can be used for recitals?
Yes, there is a 1924 Steinway grand piano on site.

May I use the expansive front lawn for any activities?
Yes, you can use the front lawn. It is quite large suitable for outdoor events. You must supply outdoor fixtures, such as tents, outdoor chairs, etc. We would want to look at the designs of all exterior setup to make sure codes and security issues are being met prior to the event.

For more information or to book a rental, fill out this form, call 214-946-1670 or email events@turnerhouse.org.


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